My Qualification

I have completed my post-graduate diploma in International Business Management from Seneca College. Previously, I had finished a post-graduate diploma in Corporate Communication and Public Relations from Fanshawe College, complemented by my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology as well as a post-graduate diploma in Marketing Management. Recently, I also completed a diploma program in advanced digital marketing.

In today’s market, without a solid technical foundation, it’s not realistic to dream of building a successful career in any field. Therefore, I choose Information Technology as my Bachelor’s degree as I wanted to be strong in technical skills along with my writing and communication skills. Then I moved on to Marketing Management as my post-graduate diploma program based on my interest and curiosity to learn the subject. I determined how the marketing process operates and also about real-world case scenarios where different companies have either succeeded or failed in their marketing strategies. After doing this program, I realized that a marketing strategy lies at the core of any successful business and is indispensable in today’s market economy.

I always had the dream of studying abroad and so; I decided to move to Canada for my higher education. Since I had strong writing and communication skills, I got accepted into Fanshawe College in London, Ontario for Corporate Communication and Public Relations program. It was a good choice as I not only learnt writing for the Canadian market but also familiarized myself with digital media skills from highly experienced industry professionals. That gave me a broad educational background to getting myself ready for the Canadian job market. However, as a career-minded individual, I aspired to elevate my business credentials by learning more about the multi-faceted world of international business. Because Seneca College had a strong practical component in addition to theoretical knowledge with a focus on projects and case analysis, I enrolled myself in its International Business Management program. Again, in retrospect, I think it was a right decision as I not only got to learn diverse aspects of international trade but also prepared myself for a managerial position in future with this post-graduate diploma accreditation.

My Hobby

Writing has been my passion since childhood, and I remember winning accolades for my write-ups at school. I have the passion and flair for writing. Not only passion, but I also possess boundless energy and relentlessness to transform my passion into concrete action. During my spare time, I love to meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures while enriching myself by sharing ideas and experiences with them. One of the best traits in me is that I am an effective listener as I try to understand ideas from other perspectives, enabling me to deal with people sensitively and effectively. In my downtime, I enjoy watching new T.V shows and movies on Netflix, listening to some soothing and enthralling music or getting engrossed in reading critically acclaimed novels. By the way, my favourite T.V Show is the recent sci-fi Stranger Things; favourite movie is Shawshank Redemption; favourite song is All of Me by John Legend, and my favourite book is The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill.

Another worthwhile way of spending my free time is to try and network with professionals in my field, attending events and conferences whenever possible. Also, I am constantly hooked on social media applications, especially LinkedIn so that I can expand my professional network and even get in touch with past colleagues and potential employers. I use Facebook to connect with friends, get updates on the latest news and most importantly to promote my community page, ‘Breaking Cultural Barriers,' created with the primary objective of bringing people from different cultures, races, creeds and religions closer and bridging the cultural gap. Aside from these, I use Twitter to post short but thought-provoking quotes, engage in group conversations and form a real-time online social experience.